Anui, a 16 metre catamaran, has been our home for the past 9 years and Scott's dream for most of his life.

Anui was originally a Lock Crowther 85 design with the cabin having been redesigned by Scott and Brendan Eagan, a Sydney based marine architect.

Anui was renamed early in 2005 (with the appropriate nude naming ceremony that we devised) after we decided that her orginal name, Tsunami, was no longer appropriate in light of the terrible losses in Asia late in 2004. Anui means 'the big canoe' in Polynesian.

Scott started building the boat in August 1991, not knowing at that time that he wouldn't be alone in the venture, as we met some months later and married the following year. The building took place at Kurnell, outside Sydney, and took six years. She was launched in October 1997. The mast and sails took a little longer to come, as we were totally broke by then, and we were finally able to sail her in 1999.

Due to Seth's arrival in 2000 and various work commitments we have until recently only managed small trips away, but the plan has always been to leave Sydney and go cruising for a long time, though we didn't know that this would take us until 2005 to achieve, by which time Seth had been joined by his little brother Finn.

Building Anui was undertaken almost entirely by Scott and was a process of carefully and thoroughly completing endless small tasks before real progress could be definitively seen. Thanks to Scott's patience and tenacity this worked beautifully, and even Scott himself is very proud of the results.

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