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Dearest Bloggees
Merry Christmas, incase any of you are still checking in to our Anui blog after these weeks of no news.

Seth and Finn in festive mood in their beloved tree house

I have been pondering over just how interesting our lives can be now that we are based back in NSW and now seeing anything exotic any longer. I have been encouraged by some of you saying that we should keep writing, so will do so, when there is something to tell.

You may have been wondering what it is like to stand still after moving for so long. It is like waking from a dream, rubbing our eyes and not quite knowing if we had made up the places and people we had seen. Anui is now tied up to the wharf at Kev and Paddy's place on the Clarence River, for a few weeks of relaxation and camping by the river. After that we will potter back to Yamba, at the river mouth, to get ready for school. I've already been back to work in sunny Tamworth and once I was in a room of kids' files it was hard ti remember that we'd ever been anywhere. We bought a new car over the phone, whilst stuck in bad weather at Tin Can Bay, and it is already doing some miles.

Whilst we are getting ready for Christmas - more modest than our usual ones, with our minds very much on the countries we have just left - we are remembering all the amazing things we have seen over the past two years and all the beautiful friennds we have made. This time last year we were in Thailand  partying with our cruising friends - Boomers, Pegasus, Imagine, Tin Soldier, Orono, Anima, Esprit (you know who you are!) and what  a time we had. This year will be way quieter and I can't imagine that the sky will be full of paper lanterns, but you never know.

Thinking of all our stationary and sailing friends and congratulations to Mark & Jane and kids and also to Jason & Amanda and the boys and Martin for having completed their circumnavigations. Wish you were on this side of the world, though!

To all of our friends, far and wide - we wish you a wonderful Christmas. We are very lucky to have each and every one of you in our lives.

With love, Scott, Sarah, Seth and Finn xx

PS Watch this space in January for news of our Ninigo Schools Project!


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