Welcoming our new arrival

Breaking news - Finn's gecko (Pete) has hatched! I can't include a photo as currently he is very shy and hiding in his enclosure. He has so far shed his skin and eaten it, but now it's up to the boys to catch insects for him to hunt and eat. They are very excited and the bug-catcher is being used frequently. Seth's egg appears to be a dud, poor thing.

Still on Tioman Island - such a beautiful place that it is proving hard to leave. We intend to look for appropriate weather window in a week's time, or thereabouts, to head over to Borneo. Here we have been swimming, snorkelling, jungle-trekking, watching large monitor lizards, spotting monkeys, enjoying mojitos and pizza on the beach. Last night I watched the royal wedding in a beach bar, with a large crowd of international commentators. The general UN consensus was that the bridesmaid outshone the bride.

The island is covered in tracks cut through the jungle and we've had a number of walks to other beaches and even across the island. Very sweaty but worth the effort. Scott made himself a hammock (being tested by the boys, above) which he takes ashore to tie between two trees, for naps in between the guitar playing that he and Ole have been doing (also above). All very idyllic, really.

It's a marine national park here so we haven't been trying to catch any fish, though the large coral trout swimming around have been sorely tempting. Finn has swum through little families of clown fish ( Nemo fish) and saw his first sea snake. Sorry that this sounds like an advert for paradise. We are so lucky to be here.


  1. I heard you speak on ABC Life Matters. Looking forward to reading more of your journey & getting jealous seeing the photos.


  2. Thank God someone can live the dream!!! Michelle and I are enjoying your adventures. Many thanks! James


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