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Welcoming our new arrival

Breaking news - Finn's gecko (Pete) has hatched! I can't include a photo as currently he is very shy and hiding in his enclosure. He has so far shed his skin and eaten it, but now it's up to the boys to catch insects for him to hunt and eat. They are very excited and the bug-catcher is being used frequently. Seth's egg appears to be a dud, poor thing.

Still on Tioman Island - such a beautiful place that it is proving hard to leave. We intend to look for appropriate weather window in a week's time, or thereabouts, to head over to Borneo. Here we have been swimming, snorkelling, jungle-trekking, watching large monitor lizards, spotting monkeys, enjoying mojitos and pizza on the beach. Last night I watched the royal wedding in a beach bar, with a large crowd of international commentators. The general UN consensus was that the bridesmaid outshone the bride.

The island is covered in tracks cut through the jungle and we've had a number of walks to other beaches and eve…

Island of the dragon princess

We are happily on Tioman Island, the largest of a small island group some 100 miles up the Eastern side of peninsular Malaysia. Legend has it that a Chinese dragon princess was flying over these waters to her wedding when she changed her mind, taken with the beauty of the scene, and instead curled her tail about her and became Tioman Island. Tioman is lush and beautiful, with many low-key resorts, diving schools and clear water. We've yet again found ourselves in a small marina for a few days as Scott had to replace the alternator bracket (without which we cannot make power). This has meant many trips backwards and forwards to the little workshop he tracked down, where they were able to make him a new bracket. We've been catching up on school (please don't anybody tell the boys that it is technically school holidays) and I've been loving the chance to go for some early morning runs around the great hills and jungle tracks. The local eateries are good and cheap and we …

Glossy Singapore

Since our last entry we've been in marina- world, both in Malaysia (Admiral Marina in Port Dickson) and in Singapore (One15 Marina on Sentosa Island). It's not possible to anchor anywhere in Singapore and so marinas are the only option. I love Singapore, with its gloss and high organisation. It's hot and sticky, of course, but whilst plugged in we can run the air conditioner and there's nothing finer than coming home after a long day of trudging the streets to a cool boat. The pool here at One 15 is also rather wonderful and there is a fully equipped gym, which I have managed to use every day. Ah the luxury!

Anyway, despite the sheen of Singapore appealing to my nature, we were here for the serious business of obtaining Visas for our onward journey. We have now secured our Visas for Indonesia and also Papua New Guinea, which is excellent news. The man at the PNG consulate was very helpful (and also rather lonely, I think, in his quiet little outpost on the 4th floor of …