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Farewell to Thailand - for now

Suddenly our time in Thailand is at an end and it's time to check out with immigration and start to head slowly South. We've spent the past couple of weeks revisiting some favourite islands - Ko Hong, Ko Phanak, Ko Roi - and relaxing in the delightful Racha and Railay. Every beach and anchorage has its own charms - craggy limestone cliffs or flocks of sea eagles, a hidden hong or a fisherman coming to sell us a bowl of newly-caught prawns.

Thailand has been very different to the other countries we've visited in that it is choc-full of tourists - elbow room only on many beaches, mainly Russians and Germans. The Thais have been quick on the uptake - most beaches come with cafes, beach umbrellas, beach hawkers, massage huts. There's fake everything for sale and a wide range of designer junk, amongst the carved elephants and buddhas. There are beautiful lady-boys working in every restaurant and massage shop, their five-o'clock shadow sometimes giving away their genetic…

Just honging around

We've been in Thailand for almost two months now and are spending our time sailing between groups of islands in search of interesting places and hongs. There are many of these in the craggy limestone isles around the Phuket/ Krabi/ Phang Nga areas and we have been exploring them by dinghy, kayak and if necessary by swimming through tunnels to find the hong within. Scott has become a little hong-obsessed and we are on constant search for these beautiful, hidden spaces. Of course, we're not the only ones, with the ubiquitous long-tail boats ferrying hoards of tourists and stacks of kayaks to the hongs each day. We try to get there early morning or late afternoon, when all the tourists have gone home, and often get the place to ourselves.
We are currently anchored at lovely Ko Lanta, on the coast South of Phuket. The bay is calm and the beach is full of small bars and resorts. We are currently alone and friendless, since most of our mates have headed off in various directions. For…