Christmas message

Normally at this time of year we (though let's face it, Seth and I do the actual creating) would be happily making Christmas cards and mailing them out to those that we love. This year we are far from home and not particularly trusting of the postal service so will not be doing a mail out. Instead, our friends will have to manage with the festive wishes and love sent through this blog. A poor imitation of a Christmas card, but well meant. I decided to compile a list of those who would normally receive our cards – see if you can spot your name! Of course, Scott thought this was a very risky undertaking as I'm bound to forget someone, but I know you would forgive me.

So, from all on Anui, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a safe and healthy 2011, with a bit of excitement and challenge thrown in. We will let you know how our festivities go – shared with new friends. Will be thinking of each of you,


June & John; Jo & Guy, Eddie and Mikey; Ev & Ralph; Gay & Norbie; Kev & Paddy; Bev; Kim & Ross, Sabrina, Shane and Dylan; Colleen & Les; Paul & Kerrie, Luke, Todd and Georgia; Gladys, Michael, Rachel, Val and Richard; Rikki & Dodzi, Elliot and Chantal; Susan & Malcom; Miriam; Gina & Clifford; Sarah & Richard, Tia and Libby; Gaby; Aunties Golda and Millie; Anto; Lin and Josh; Mary & Craig, Jeremy, Annabel, Adam and Tobie; Tracy & Bun, Kyra and Soraya; Chris & Zena, Ben and Jenna; Ross & Narelle, Ryan and Adam; Drew & Louise, Blake and Monica; Kate & Steve, Mollie and Grace; Jules; Sue & Pete and Matthew; Lynette & Rudy; Tim & Michelle, Tom, Ella and Dan; Ann & Maria; Emma & Coby, Cooper and Bailey; Rebecca & Caroline; Elaine; Janet; Lynne & Geoff; Petrina & Michael; Crowy & Maria, Marnie and Liam; Leisa & Scott, Matt and Jack; Tracey & Shane, Grace and Preston; Sue & Gary, Tyler and Rhys; John & Jenny; Rob & Syl; Jade and Victor; Claire & Simon; Fifi & Michael and Jaimie; Shaz & Col and Deegan; Ross & Lorraine; Yamba Public School; Jack L and Dylan C and Sebastien K; Yamba Community Preschool; Cathy, Brielle and Shane; Sally & Mark, Bella, Max, Gus and Sienna; Liz & Bo, Summah and Alleah; Bruce & Toni and Remi; Pete & Di; Philippa & Tony, Samantha and Nathan; Lisa & Bill, Aurora and Lennox; Joyce and Sonya; Pucko; Michael and Drew; Ellie & Russ and Sonny; David & Pam; Lexie; Craig & Nel and Wil; Carrie, Joel and Darcy; Dale & Karessa, Jack and Rose; the lovely ladies of the Yamba Book Club; Mira & Ched, Bianca and Oscar; Pete & Carey, Jed & Ricki; Kim & Eric, Rochelle, Carl and Jewel; Gary & Alison, Daniel and Hannah; Jim & Robyn; our lovely yachting friends on Suspense, Red Boomer 2, Imagine, Pegasus, Orono 1, Esprit, Rasa Manis, Spirit of Sobrohan; Tin Soldier and many more.....

With much love from Sarah, Scott, Seth and Finn xxxx


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