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The many lives of Melaka

We've been in Malaysia for two weeks but haven't got very far. We spent 10 days with the other Sail Malaysia rally boats at Johor Bahru, just North of Singapore, stocking up on things and escaping the heat with our beloved air conditioner. Scott had to prise the power lead from my sticky hand when it was time to go. We headed up the Melaka straits for a couple of days. These waters are reknowned for ships and pirates. We encountered many of the former but thankfully none of the latter - apparently they only go for the big ships these days. The wind was not and is still not in our favour so we're now in Melaka waiting for a break in the Northerlies before we head (you guessed it) North to Pangkor, Penang and Langkawi.

Melaka is a fascinating town, thankfully. It has a long history, having been established as a place for trade and commerce as early as the twelfth century. Poor Malaka, part of old Malaya, has been serially colonised - everyone had a go - the Chinese, the Dutch…