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Neptune comes to call

We are at the end of our three months in Indonesia, and today arrived in Singapore for a few days before we head into Malaysia. Clearing in was an interesting experience. We had to cross an 8-lane shipping channel and then anchor at the Quarantine anchorage and await Immigration. They fired towards us in their orange metal boat and held out a fishing net for us to drop our passports and paperwork into! We're at the One 15 Marina - very flash indeed - pool, club-house, gym, steam room, games room, playground and many restaurants that we can't afford. We'll go into the city tomorrow and see what there is to see. The air-con is cranking away - first time we've used it in 5 months. We travelled to Belitung after Kumai and had a lovely few days there, swimming and eating. The local people had put on a festival in honour of the rally and there were great services for us – dinghy 'boys' ready and willing to drag the dinghy out of the water and watch it

The Kumai River - Seth's blog

On the 8 th of October 2010 me and my family went on the experience of a lifetime visiting and living among the Orangutans, the great apes of Indonesia. We left my boat at about 9:00 am with 13 other people including Jeremy, Natalie, Indigo, Shae and Tanzi all from a boat named Suspence. Our other friends on Red Boomer 2, owned by Bill and his large merry crew of Jane and Andrew and their sons Connor and Troy. Andrew’s sister Yvette and her husband Ole and their new crew member Mark whose girlfriend we know from years back in the marina in Sydney. We boarded the Klotok from my boat and set off for the national park known as Tanjung Puting. When us kids got onto the boat we were amazed by the space. There were 4 bunk beds and 2 single beds. There was also plenty of space for luggage. We had a look and were impressed by the amount of space. There was a decent sized kitchen and flushing toilet. The upstairs area was a plain green floor and next to it was the captains qua