For Annabel

Today's blog entry is dedicated to my young friend Annabel, who is a devoted Anui blog follower and so deserves special mention. Hi Annabel!!

We are in Bali now and it is quite a contrast to beautiful clean Gili Air. We haven't been into Kuta yet but went en masse to stop up at the giant Carrefour supermarket. Oh the thrill! It may not be very exciting for you land-lubbers but to have fresh milk and apples and chocolate (Scott bought his own supply as he says that I am too stingy, but I say that is why it has lasted two months!) is excitement aplenty. Tomorrow we will head to Kuta to have a look and find some bargains. In Gili Air, I became rather good at the bartering and had to be dragged away so that I wouldn't practise any more.

Something rather troubling has occurred – Scott has taken to wearing a sarong. I can see the allure of a cool cotton skirt on a hot day but I have been telling him that sarong-wearing, like any skirt, has a certain etiquette – namely, when wearing a loose piece of material, wear it long or keep your knees together! The Armstrong family have been getting rather unexpected sightings and I'm considering hiding the thing or sending him to an Indonesian sarong instructor.

We broke with Motor Indonesia tradition yesterday and actually sailed! We have barely used the sails for weeks because the wind has refused to blow. Across the strait from Lombok to Bali yesterday, however, we flew at 12+ knots and the swell was pretty large. Entering Serangan Harbour there is a narrow passage between the surf, which is a little unnerving with a big sea behind. We will stay a couple of days and then head North to Lovina, where we need to collect our passports with their shiny new visas . We are still considering going inland on Bali to visit Ubud and see the terraced rice fields and monkey forest.

Seth has finished his Term 3 work and will have a few days off before we bring out the next stack. He and Finn swam endlessly with their mates on Gili Air but the water here is not at all inviting. On our last night at Gili on Saturday we had 14 kids from the rally all playing together – they ranged between 4 and 14 and all looked so happy.

Hope you enjoyed this blog entry, Annabel. I am sure mum skipped over the bit about Scott in the sarong......


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