The night before

Well, the boat cannot accommodate a single other thing. We are stocked, set up, provisioned to excess! There is food stashed in every available space. There are bottles of wine next to our bed; there is a chocolate cache and I am not telling anyone where it is...

Scott has pointed out that people do actually eat in Indonesia and I guess we will soon find out that we could probably have lived without that large jar of Vegemite or that extra sack of flour.

Darwin has been great, but really hectic (thank you Lyn and Rudy!!) and the boat ramp has been a constant stream of people loading up their dinghies and taxis reversing down to get as close as possible to the water. We have seen dugongs and dolphins around the boat every day. Tomorrow we are set, with 103 other yachts of all shapes and sizes, to head North - half of us are heading to Kupang and half (us incuded) are going to Banda. We'll take a few days and nights to get there. Banda sounds like an amazingly beautiful place.

Once we get to Indonesia this blog might appear to be neglected but only for lack of internet access. Will be in touch as soon as we can update you all. For those of you in Australia, my first article will be published in the next edition of 'Multihull World' and hopefully there will be more to follow!

Don't forget to check us out on the chart by going to the following address -


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