In the middle of Arnhem land

Hi, it's Seth here

We are at North Goulburn Island, which is in North West Arnhem Land. We sailed overnight to get here.

Yesterday when we went on the beach we played on the sand dunes and saw these really strange birds. One of them was small and one of them was tall. The big one had a duck-like tail and the small one had skinny little legs. We also saw crocodile tracks where they had slid out of the water with their tail trailing behind, made a nest and then slid back into the water. We were there at high tide so they wouldn't make the big journey across the sand flats when we were there because the water was about 20m away. So we played on the sand dunes, I fell down the sand dune, landed on my bum and slid down more.

The photo at the top is of me and Finn fishing at about 5.30 a few days ago and the other one is of us reading. We'll be in Darwin in a few days time and we might go to a crocodile show.

PS If there is anybody reading this in 5H, say hi to Mrs Headon and the class.



  1. Hey Seth and Fin
    Sounds soo exciting. Cant wait to see you next week !!!! :) Matt


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