Two days in and smiling

Two days out of Cairns and we are almost at Lizard Island already. Flat seas, brisk winds - just what was needed. I must now create a small infomercial for the wonderful, life-saving sea-sickness tablets (Stugeron, I love you!) that has transformed the floating world. Marvellous stuff. Have had two days of no nausea, being able to stay awake and function normally - woo hoo!

The boys have settled in nicely; getting used to harnessing on when they want to go on deck. Seth has started his school work - needs a bit of prodding (Mrs Lou Headon can you fly up here please?) but getting it done. Finn is doing some school work too, in his own style.

We plan to have the weekend on Lizard Island - some bushwalking and snorkelling is on the agenda. After that we may not have any reception for a week or two but will be in touch as soon as we are able.


  1. Looking good, guys! Don't proscratinate over the schooling, Seth. Think of it this way - the sooner you do it, the sooner you can get back to the deck and the moonwalking! Love you all.


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