Seth's first log

Hi, it's Seth here

We are up at Lizard Island. Yesterday we went to Coconut Beach. Dad and I had to walk to the Blue Lagoon which is two kilometres away. Oh, and I forgot to say that at the start of the walk we walked past Mrs Watson's house that she lived in on Lizard Island. But she didn't know that there were local Aboriginals that forced her to get off the island but they didn't have a boat so they had to use a tub that they used for cooking sea slugs. So Mrs Watson and her Chinese servant and her son Freddie floated away in the tub and landed on Howick Island but all of them had dies of thirst and hunger. Anyway, we got to Coconut Beach and had a walk around. The whole walk took 3 ½ hours and when we were there we looked at all the stuff that is washed up there.

Seth, 13 June 2010


  1. Hi Seth (and Scott, Sarah and Finn)

    Loving your posts and so happy to see and read what a wonderful trip you are having.It really is fantastic to keep up to date with your adventure.

    Look forward to more exciting posts, Seth. Great story about Mrs Watson.

    Bo and Liz


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