The Cape and pretty Seisia

Have spent the last few days in a pretty little place called Seisia, just round the Cape. It is the point at which the passenger and cargo ships come in from Thursday Island, so from our boat we've been able to watch all sorts of things being loaded and unloaded. Despite our crocodile nerves, the local kids here swim off the jetty!

The local Aboriginal community of Bamaga has a great little bakery with the finest croissants we've had in years. A well-organised and friendly little town. Our first morning in Seisia we had a wander round and whilst the boys ate burgers, I had a pedicure under a palm tree - bliss!

Scott has been proving himself as a fisherman to be reckoned with. Whoever knew you could catch a fish smaller than the lure?

Rounding the Cape was pretty exciting - here's Seth and I at the moment we went past. We'd hoped to stay the night and head onshore in the morning to climb up the top for a cheesy photo. Instead, the wind blew 40 knots and Scott sat up most of the night. There was no way we were getting in the dinghy.

We plan to head down the Gulf in the morning for a day's sail before picking the right time to head across the Gulf to Gove. We'll then be in Arnhem Land. More soon and don't forget to check out our tracker - see link in the last blog!


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