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The joys of boating

Well, better things go wrong now, I think... Slight delay in our majestic exit - one of the (thankfully two) gear boxes died a death when Scott was out at Scawfell Island and he had to divert to Mackay to fix it. We've delayed our meeting in Cairns but hope to be back on track in a few days. We've been thoroughly farewelled by all our Yamba friends - thank you to the wonderful Yamba Public School and also the equally lovely Yamba Community Preschool - and the boys have now left their educational establishments and are ready to be taught at home by their new teachers, Mr and Mrs Armstrong. We have a strict uniform of board shorts, any colour. Will add some photos and more interesting stuff once we are gone from Cairns - then up to Cooktown, Lizard Island and over the top we go. Loving the messages and comments! More soon, S & S & S & F

Getting ready to go - and one of us has gone!

Well, the eagle has flown! Scott and the boat left Yamba on 17 May and are currently heading for the Percy Islands, having left Great Keppel Island today. He's having quite a good run and finally in the trade winds, so making good time. The new engines are behaving themselves. Back in planet Yamba, the boys and I are saying our farewell to friends and I am trying to tidy up work in readiness for heading off. Have discovered that I am a really, really bad car salesperson and so may soon be abandoning my car by the side of the road and burying the number plates.... Finn and Seth are having farewell parties at school and preschool, which is lovely. We are baking lots of cakes and saying many thank you's. We've discovered what lovely friends we have - you know who you are! Next Tuesday 1 June the boys and I are flying up to Cairns and hoping that our arrival roughly coincides with Scott's. Will keep you posted. Sarah